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  • Longrich is a multinational company with headquarter in China and branch offices in over 50 countries spanning USA, UK, EUROPE, ASIA, AFRICA etc renowned for manufacture of ISO and NAFDAC certified quality fast moving health, energy and daily consumable products. Longrich has over 2000 products from eight different categories such as: Cosmetics, Health care products, Household equipment, furniture, Real Estate & Logistics. LONGRICH FAST CONSUMABLE PRODUCTS 1. PERSONAL CARE ✔️Mouthfreshener ✔️Antiperspirant Dew ✔️Mosquito repellant spray ✔️Handcream ✔️Toothpaste ✔️Bodycream ✔️Bamboo Soap ✔️Shampoo ✔️Bodywash WOMEN CARE ✔️Sanitary napkins (mix) ✔️pantyliners (also for men) ✔️Sanitary napkins (Heavy flow) HEALTH SUPPLEMENTS ✔️green(Xinchang) tea ✔️Slimming tea ✔️Bloodfat reducing (Tianjiang) tea ✔️Calcuim ✔️Vit C ✔️Arthro ✔️Libao (male fertility) ✔️Mengqian (female fertility) ✔️Berry oil ✔️Cordycep HEALTH DRINKS ✔️Health wine ✔️Cordycep coffee ✔️Nutrivpink ✔️Nutriv blue ENERGY PRODUCTS ✔️Alkaline cup ✔️Energy Pot (24cm) ✔️Energy Pot (28cm) ✔️Energy shoes Becoming a partner of Longrich provides an alternative income stream, enables you to earn weekly BONUSES and awesome INCENTIVES. WHAT IS IN IT FOR ME? ***Weekly Bonuses paid into your account. ***Shares 1% of the company's monthly Turnover (sales) as a VIP member. ***Brand new car award every year ***All expense paid luxury Vacations abroad * 90millionFCA house fund award at Star Director level. ***4 year Executive MBA programme @ the prestigious REGIS University Colorado USA. ***Scholarship for any degree programme for yourself or anybody of your choice @SOOCHOW UNIVERSITY CHINA.


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Longrich bioscience international

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  • Longrich bioscience international is a 34 years multi million dollars company that helps in alleviating poverty from its partners. It provides quality services in terms of our products that is perfectly organic and cures one ailment or another, it helps its partners live their dream lifestyle(financial freedom). It originated from China and has been in existence over 34 years now. It came into Africa 2012,its existence in over 188 countries like USA, Dubai, Ghana, China, Nigeria, South Africa and lots more. Why you should join longrich: 1) no autorship 2) no flushing of points 3) be your own boss 4) no monthly purchase of products. 5) selling of products are optional Benefits of joining longrich 1) 25million house fund 2) 4 years scholarship in suchow university, China. 3) 2 years masters degree program in Regis University, Denver Colorado, united states 4) car funds 5) Have your own brand lincensed under longrich internation 6) weekly earnings. How to join: You get to choose an entry level you can afford and get back products worth the amount you paid for. 1) Students pack- #10,050,get products worth 4pv and earn referral bonuses 2) Qsilver- #25000-#41,000,get products worth 60pvs, earn 8% weekly of your downliners activities 3) Silver- #50,000- #75,000,get products worth 120pvs, earn 8% weekly of your downliners activities 4) Gold -#120,000, get products worth 240pvs, earn 10% of your downliners weekly activities 5) Plantunum- #320,000, get products worth 720pv, earn 12% of your downliners weekly activities 6) Platinum VIP - #750,000,get products worth 1,680 pvs, earn 12% of your downliners weekly activities + 1% of the company global shares. Are you really for that business that can give you your dream lifestyle, then this business is absolutely for you. Worried about how you will you start??, don't worry my team and I will be here in every step you take. Just decide to join the business and start smiling at your bank account. Longrich, better life!, better future!! For more info or Registeration, WhatsApp @09050878912. Join now and thank me later!.


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