How our referral program works

Fast, easy and free to register people with your referal code, and get rewarded.

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Click the "get started now" button below to Register as a referrer to obtain your referal code and referal link, if you have done and still more info, read the how-to guide below.

Share your link

Share your link on Whatsapp,Facebook,Twitter and when people register their service with your referral link/referral code,your point increases. You can get this link from your dashboard after registration.

Get Paid

You earn 75 points for each person that registers through your link or referral code. The more you share your link or register more services with your referral code, the more points you get and more payments will be made.

Get Paid More

Ask your friends and family to share your referral link and referral code on their social media handles and get paid even more.

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Can you imagine how many service providers like drivers, barbers,event decorators, car mechanics, land surveyors, tailors, hair dresser, bore hole drillers, taxi drivers, dj etc that are your friends on facebook, instagram, twitter and even whatsapp? Just use these platforms and you will be sure to convince more than 100 service providers and we will reward you for that. And if you ask your friends to refer service providers on your behalf, your reward will even be greater. Just tell them what they will gain by joining and advertising on and you will see that the work is done.

How to register people with your Referral Code:

How to register people with your Referral Link :

What service providers gain by registering on

  1. They gain the rare opportunity to advertise their services for free. This is opportunity cost 22,500 naira in the past.
  2. They now have an online presence or online office where over 40 million Nigerians can find them online.
  3. Their business location will no longer be a barrier to them.
  4. They can reach customers beyond their social media circle.
  5. They can learn better ways of growing their business through our blog.
  6. They can advertise more than one service. For instance, a service provider can register once and place 3 different advertisements as a dry cleaner, fumigator and home/office cleaner.

What you gain as a referrer :