Questions and answers

Step 1. Click here or click add service button at the top right corner of the page,it will take you to post ad page.
Step 2. Fill the form on the page ,add a picture of your service ,when your're done click the post button to post your service.
Step 3. Once ypu click submit,your service will be posted online, you will see a success message if its successful, if it is not successful,refresh the page and re-submit the form.
Step 1. There are 2 ways you can see the service(s) you added, 1 is by going to home page ,if it is a recently added service you will see it on the home page.
Step 2. You can use the search button ,select the service subcategory and the city you registered the service under and click search.
Step 3. Another way to see your service is by going to your dashboard and, then click "my services",here you will see all your services and options to manage them.
Step 1. Go to the website,click on the register button on the top right of the website..
Step 2. Fill in the fields and submit.
Step 3. The website will automatically redirect you to registered users page ,where you can see your services, manage your services,add new service, among other features.