Banner Ads Placement

Connect and reach out to hundreds of thousands of people by placing your banner ads on With hundreds of thousands of page views per month, you can be sure that there is a large audience for your products, services and ideas. We have just two categories of banner ads: Top Page Ads and Targeted Ads which are both described below.


Top Page Ads

Place Your Ad
on top areas of our website

In this type of Ad placement, your advert is placed on the top areas of individual pages that people visit when they are on our website. This ensures that hundreds of thousands of people who visits our website monthly see your ad.

cost : ₦1500 per day

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finding a service on background

Targeted Advert

Place Ads That
Targets specific users

In this type of Ad placement, your Ads are placed in strategic places on our website which also ensures that almost everyone who visits our website will see your advert and also be seen particularly by people who are inclined to your ad categories.

cost : ₦1000 per day

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