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PopAndpolystyrene Ceiling Solutions For Your Property


  • Pop/polystyrene ceiling solutions is the appropriate ceiling for your home followed only by drop-down ceiling, asbestos ceiling, and PVC ceiling. Below are why you should consider pop/polystyrene ceiling solutions for home: • You don't have to worry about Insects scrolling down from the roofing into your cozy rooms as it is common with asbestos or PVC ceiling . • Completely give beauty to all other decorations in your home ,like: painting, screeding, tv designs, wall murals, etc. • Polystyrene ceiling especially , is waterproof, with this you are assured of saving time and cost, because if your home is leaking, you simply repair the leak of your home and off you go. • Pop/polystyrene ceiling solutions never have any aged swelling that is common with asbestos and PVC ceiling. The advantages are numerous if you get it done for your home. Why Choose us: • Get 10sqm off every 100sqm of your projects because we want you to have a good deal and value for your money. • Judicious use of your materials for solid and durable results. • Straight forward workmanship pricing (Polystyrene ceiling only #900 per square meter and POP ceiling only #1,200 per square meter) • Dedicated to finishing your work only, we won't abandon your project for others ( we only leave when your work is satisfactorily done) Call us now to get free quote and then we come over to get it done for your home Pricing In Summary: ● Polystyrene ceiling #900 per square meter. ● POP ceiling #1,200 per square meter. For projects outside Abuja you're responsible for our conveyance to your location around Nigeria.


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  • (07025159928)BN Ceramics Industry, which is a leading manufacturer of ceramic And porcelain tiles in Nigeria, has been serving the needs of building material industry in Africa. The company owns a production base with two Authentic polishing Automatic lines at Ajaokuta, Kogi State, presenting a wide range of products in wall and floor Tiles in both ceramics and porcelain polishing categories. Day by day we're doing the best to improve the quality and expand the varieties and capacity to meet our consumers demand. BN Ceramics Tiles ranges in all requisite sizes like Ceramic Wall Tiles of 250x400mm and Ceramics Floor Tiles of 300x300mm, 400x400mm, 450x450mm and 600x600mm.With a wide distribution network of 260 Distributors, 2 Depots across the country BN Ceramics Industry offers an easy availability of Quality tiles for our consumers. Being a certified company of SON and a member of MAN we stick to the best of International Standards in design and production process. At BN Ceramics Industry, social and environmental considerations are impartible corporate strategy. As the company grow it has been making more and more effort largely geared towards community development, education and environmental sustainability. BN Ceramics Industry never compromise in quality and all our efforts and fights are only targeting to make tiles highly durable and lifetime maintenance-free. We believe "Create value and Favor customers " are the only explanation of BN's existence of course with contribution, constructive advice and joint efforts from our Distributors as well as Architects,Engineers, Builders, Tilers, Contractors, End users and etc. DEFECT NOWHERE TO HIDE, with BN Tiles we will make our home a comfortable living experience at quality level.