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Olam Niheria Limited

Plt 5 & 6 Abebe Village Rd, Opp. FBN Regional Office. Iganmu ; City/Town: lagos ; State: Lagos ;

  • Contact info +2348039588069....We manufacture and distribute packaged food products to African markets, addressing localised nutrition needs by offering affordable and fortified products. We offer good quality, inexpensive feed, and day-old-chicks to farmers, which also contributes to foods security. Our mill farm produces 36,000 metric tonnes of rice for local markets under brands such as Mama’s Pride and Mama’s Choice. We Brand's of rice we produce: ▪️Mama Gold ▪️Mama’s Pride ▪️Mama Choice Etc...... Crown Flour Mills is the second largest wheat miller in Nigeria, with two state-of-the-art facilities in Lagos, and one in Port Harcourt. Brands of flour we produce: ▪️Mama Gold Flour ▪️Mix & Bake Superb Flour ▪️Bakewell Flour ▪️Supreme Lite Flour ▪️Bua & Crown Premium Flour Etc....... Brands of Animal feeds we produce: POULTRY ▪️Ultima Feeds ▪️Chikun Feeds FISH FEEDS ▪️Ecofloat Feeds ▪️Aqualis Feeds ▪️Blue crown feedstock Wesupport an ‘Outgrower programme’ for local rice-growing communities, offering training, pre-finance, fertiliser and seeds in order to improve their paddy yields. Olam generate tens of thousands of indirect jobs through our network of farmers, suppliers/ wholesalers, local buying agents and service providers. In addition to our internal sourcing and markets, we also have significant import and export operations.



Digitstem affiliate marketing


  • Affiliate marketing is when you earn a commission by promoting other people's (or companies) products. You find a good product you like, then you promote it to those who want it and make you profit for the sale Affiliate marketing is a system where an affiliate marketer earns commission for marketing someone else's product or service Emeka is a shoe seller. He sells other types of footwear too. The name of his business is He makes at least 300k profit every month from selling footwears. But that’s not the most interesting thing. Emeka does not know how to make any kind of footwear. He has never made a single footwear in his life. After NYSC, Emeka moved to Lagos and was living with his uncle at Yaba. His uncle has a store at Tejuosho Shopping Mall where he sells suspended ceilings of all kind. One day at the market, Emeka saw his university course mate who came to buy shoes in the market. They went to the shoe store together. While checking out some shoes, asking for prices and checking the sizes, Emeka took some pictures and made some videos. It was all cruise and vibes, nothing serious. That evening when he got home, posted the pictures and videos on his WhatsApp status. On Facebook, he posted a picture of himself holding a shoe inside the shoe store. Most of the comments on that post were inquiries. People wanted to know the prices of the shoes, the quality of the leather, the different designs available. Emeka promised to get back to all of them. The next day, he went back to the store, made all necessary inquiries, took more pictures, make more videos. Again he posted on WhatsApp and Facebook. This time, he added more details about the shoes, and prices. More inquiries came in. More demands came in. That was when it hit him… eureka!!! People began to buy footwear from Emeka. Now he spends more time at the shoe store than at his uncles store. As someone who is educated, Emeka started researching on how to make more sales online. He learnt about Facebook and Instagram Ads. He went on YouTube and started searching. His search led him to my channel. He spent all night watching my videos and practicing what he was learning. He reached out to me and I adviced him on the next line of action to take. Right now, Emeka makes over 300k profit every month from selling footwear online. From his uncle’s house in Yaba, Emeka sells footwear to people in Bayelsa, Asaba, Port-Harcourt, Ibadan, Benin, Lekki, Egbeda-Idimu, Ikoyi, Enugu, etc. From his room in Yaba, he has reached many people he could never have met in real live simply by setting up Ads on social media. With social media, Emeka’s business has gotten to places his legs has never been to. With social media, Emeka’s business is well known by many people around the country. With social media, Emeka makes over 300k monthly selling someone else’s products. He doesn’t have to keep inventory. He doesn’t pay rent for shop space. *And that's all about AFFILIATE MARKETING.* The internet is indeed a blessing to those who see it as such. You can be Emeka. Emeka can be you. It doesn’t have to be footwear. It could be electronics, stockfish, furniture, sunshades, properties, cars, laptops, wristwatch, clothing, handbags, palm oil, etc. Learnt something from this post? *Coach Adebola*. ```That guy who wanted you to succeed.```