Balikis catering services

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Balikis catering services
Balikis catering services
Balikis catering services
Balikis catering services
Balikis catering services
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we are into all catering services and even rentals of catering equipment. I do small chops, cook and all kinds of snacks like doughnuts, meat pie etc. I also do fluffy cakes for birthday, wedding and ceremonies. I cook for for parties with my team. These are some of the services I render.

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    Sulaimon balikis itunuade

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  • Provides service at customer location


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    Ogun state

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    Other Parts of Ogun

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Balikis catering services provider

Sulaimon balikis itunuade

Catering services provider


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Posted 09-Oct-20 09:35


Safety Tips for Users

  • Make sure to meet service provider in public place.
  • Do not pay before a service is rendered.
  • Conduct security checks on personal and home service providers.
  • Tell the service provider that you found him/here on
  • Come back and rate service provider after he/she has rendered service.

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