Biofill digester soakaway system

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Biofill digester soakaway system
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A Bio- Digester Toilet system is a Morden toilet system that does not get full . We use micro bacterials in process of the Bio Toilet digester which feed on the human waste to survive and they multiply from 1 to 100,000 within 24 hours. The new Bio Digester have many Advantages (benefits)over the old man hole or septic tank. These are some of the advantages 1. It saves more money as compare to the cost in constructing a septic tank 2. It's uses small area space to produce a bio digester toilet 3. It's Green and pure 4. No more waste removal as the micro organisms eat the waste 5. It last as long as ur building last 6. No Maintenance 7. Quick and Easy installation more files from manhole 9 odourless 10.the waste water can be use as fertilizer for ur garden and farms

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    Ajayi damilola

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    Building Engineer

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