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No 10 old road nekede, Imo state., Owerri, Imo 25 Views

Diamond media
Diamond media
Diamond media
Diamond media
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A graphic and printing media outlet that provides satisfactory and high quality graphic design and printing. Creating our designs to perform the needed task, Such as creating publicity for your occasions or business.

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    Abosi Chidiebere David

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    Graphics Designer & 3D Animation

  • Provides service at customer location


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    No 10 old road nekede, Imo state.

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Posted 27-Apr-20 22:24


Safety Tips for Users

  • Make sure to meet service provider in public place.
  • Do not pay before a service is rendered.
  • Conduct security checks on personal and home service providers.
  • Tell the service provider that you found him/here on anyservice.ng.
  • Come back and rate service provider after he/she has rendered service.

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