Destiny boy home of quality

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Destiny boy home of quality
Destiny boy home of quality
Destiny boy home of quality
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We are into Pam's making... We do shoes, sandals, Pam's with quality and durable design...

  • Provider

    Oladimeji afees oluwasemilore

  • Email

    oladimeji_ afeez@ Yahoo .com

  • Category

    Other Services

  • Specialty

    Shoe Maker or Cobbler

  • Provides service at customer location


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Destiny boy home of quality provider

Oladimeji afees oluwasemilore

Shoe Maker or Cobbler services provider


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Posted 22-Apr-20 20:31
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Safety Tips for Users

  • Make sure to meet service provider in public place.
  • Do not pay before a service is rendered.
  • Conduct security checks on personal and home service providers.
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