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Customized Gifting Company for body products and aromatherapy.

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    Bera Estate, Chevron Drive

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Posted 01-Feb-20 09:06
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  • Access Global Prime roof ILD.

    Ojodu bagger Lagos Nigeria

    • Sobechukwu Eze General manager Access global ventures LTD. Ojodu bagger Lagos Nigeria. I, Sobechukwu Eze, the senior business manager at (access global Ventures, prime roof) I'm writing this letter to you 2 present a business proposal, which is prime roof, roofing materials and accessories, Access Global ventures is the best among all (zinc roofing sheets ) . We have the best metal roof tiles in Nigeria, roof shingles material, Access global ventures caters for all types of construction from residential to light-commercial and public works, profiles –, Shake, Royal, Bond, Classic, milano, Roman and Shingle... We are proud of ourselves for being one of the best roof shingle companies and provide the best roofing in Nigeria. 3. Weather Resistance: They can withstand tough weather, such as extremely hot or cold weather, heavy rain, or strong wind. And it also has great resistance to water, alkalines, acid, salt, heat, fire, etc. Product Name Stone Coated Metal/Roofing Tile Material –, Shake, Royal, Bond, Classic, milano, Roman and Shingle/Color Black, Grey, Red, Blue,Green, 0.48m2/pc/Tiles We have the best PVC Gutter – water collector (roof gutter, rain gutter, Gerard gutter, water collector) at wholesale prices. We sell and deliver to every state across Nigeria. All components accessories need to complete the rain gutter system installation are listed here to make your online ordering easy. gutter, hanger, joint connectors, outlets, corner pieces (outside and inside), downpipe, elbows, pipe clip, fastener, sealant and more. If you need a professional to assist you in selecting the right quantities, if you agree to this proposal, you'll be giving the best price the best service ever please call for more on Best price, quick delivery. Call or WhatsApp for more details 08126373150



    Ojodu & Berger

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