Buy your LPG LIQUEFIED PETROLEUM GAS in Bulk from Techno oil Ltd

FPGX+FX4, Kajola Rd, 105101, Lakowe, Lagos, Ajah, Lagos 220 Views

Buy your LPG LIQUEFIED PETROLEUM GAS in Bulk from Techno oil Ltd
Buy your LPG LIQUEFIED PETROLEUM GAS in Bulk from Techno oil Ltd
Buy your LPG LIQUEFIED PETROLEUM GAS in Bulk from Techno oil Ltd
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+2348084834265 LPG or locally known as cooking gas has been become a veryw wide sort commodity in present Nigeria homes. The past 20 years has seen Techno Oil emerge to become a leader in the oil & gas downstream sector of Nigerian petroleum industry. Techno Oil has contributed immensely to the oil and gas industry which led to its becoming a dominant player in the downstream sub sector. Some of the products we offer currently are LPG LIQUEFIED PETROLEUM GAS * LGP liquefied-petroleum-gas-lpg * LPG Cylinder * Delivery of LGP to your location with our robust logistics network * LPG Bulk delivery to our industrial customers * Sale of Techno Gas branded new empty cylinders * Gas cookers * Regulators * Hose and valves Our partnership opportunities include: * LPG Plant/Skid Owners * Bulk Buyers/Distributors

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